Terms and Conditons of Use.

By attending the facility, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


  • Although the facility is kept as clean as possible, we recommend that your dog is fully vaccinated before using the facility. We accept no responsibility for ailments potentially contracted whilst on site.
  • All waste must be picked up and disposed of. On site dog poo bins are not available.
  • All activities and facilities are used at the owner’s risk.
  • Only allow your dog to use activities within their capabilities.
  • Dogs are to be accompanied in the run at all times.
  • Dogs outside the run must be kept on lead at all times.
  • The dog run has been secured with deer fencing and low level mesh creating a secure area as far as reasonably practicable. Please keep your dog under observation to avoid escapees.
  • Please give other dogs at least 3m safe space when passing.
  • Only use the facility if your dog is fit and healthy.  If you are unsure consult your local vet.
  • Parking on site is at the owner’s risk, we cannot accept any responsibility to vehicle damage.
  • There are no on-site toilet facilities.
  • Whilst the grass is maintained, Ticks are prevalent, please check your dog after using the facility.
  • Dogs are not to be left in cars, please ask for assistance if required.